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Written electronic books on SharePoint, technology, management, programming and trivia topic subjects are available:

SharePoint 2016 Content Editor Instructor Guide
The Art & War of SharePoint
SharePoint 2016 Server Preview Installation
SharePoint 2013 With A Project Management Mindset
KMO SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Quick Guide
KMO SharePoint Foundation 2013 Quick Guide
SharePoint 2013 Quiz
Project Management - Roadmap Tasks
Finance Quiz
Project Guidance Techniques
Business & Technical Planning Points: Various Goal-Based Items
Business & Technical Notes
KMO SharePoint 2010 Quick Guide
Project Management Templates
Quick Tips for Life & Business
Quick Tips for Life & Business II
A to Z Programming
Kids Short Computer Stories
Management Tips
10 Useful Lists
KMO Basic Accounting for Information Technology (IT)
General Quiz
Network Quiz
New York Yankees Quiz
Follow This!
KMO Bible Quiz
KMO Alternative Music Quiz
Change for Management
T-SQL Overview
MBE Management by Example for You A Guide to Successful Management
Metastorm 9 Quick Overview Guide
C++ For Kids
HTML for Kids
C++ for Toddlers
Manager Quick Notes
Information Technology (IT) Web Job Descriptions
Bob Dylan Trivia Book
Cross Country and Track Templates
Ultimate Christmas Guide Templates

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  • SharePoint 2013 With A Project Management Mindset

  • Project Management Templates

  • Cross Country and Track Templates

SharePoint 2016 Content Editor Instructor Guide

The world of SharePoint is an intricate one that many users need guidance on. Therefore, this guide is meant to be utilized by an individual whom will be reviewing via a demonstration format the core aspects that a general user who will be adding content to a site – will need to utilize. the guide can also be utilized by any individual interested in self-study learning the core and key aspects of SharePoint 2016.

Kindle Author Page

Several Kindle books available see author page for full listing.

The Art & War of SharePoint

Managing SharePoint is similar to managing a war and therefore using ancient war tactics SharePoint can be tamed. therefore, several key aspects are reviewed to guide you through the process of planning and managing the best sharepoint environment possible.