Kevin O'Neill (KMO) writes technology and business tutorials and builds web based and stand alone applications in regards to programming. Additionally written electronic books on programming and trivia topic subjects are available..

Tutoring: - Contact me about the technology tutoring needs you may have.

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Custom Applications and Dynamic Writing:
KMO SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Quick Guide
KMO SharePoint Foundation 2013 Quick Guide
KMO SharePoint 2010 Quick Guide
Follow This!
KMO Bible Quiz
KMO Alternative Music Quiz
Change for Management
T-SQL Overview
MBE Management by Example for You A Guide to Successful Management
Metastorm 9 Quick Overview Guide
C++ For Kids
HTML for Kids
Manager Quick Notes
Information Technology (IT) Web Job Descriptions
Finance Quiz
Bob Dylan Trivia Book
Cross Country and Track Templates
Ultimate Christmas Guide Templates
Project Management Templates

Freelance Consulting: Mid-size information technology systems analysis and web design.


Other interests: Art |Photography |Poetry |Computer Games |Genealogy |Marcellus Shale

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